Quest guide on how to enter Bigbeam Dungeon

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Quest guide on how to enter Bigbeam Dungeon

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Task to enter Bigbeam Dungeon (Inside Bigbeam City)

This guide may be incomplete in parts.
I have not finished this task yet but here is what I have completed so far in english (translated from the tw forum ... 817&tnum=2). Please feel free to add info or correct. Thank you. (Note from Leirosa: I have extended and made some edits to this guide based on my experiences doing the quest and it should mostly be complete but may still have some omissions.)

Part 1: Residency Garden

Find NPC 巫兒 (pink lily) (x225 y142) in Bigbeam City, outside the government office.

Go into the residency garden at the back of the Government Office. There is a portal at x200 y96.

Find NPC 靜荷夫人 Lady Jinghe (female sylph) (x188 y64)

Next find and talk to all of these various objects in the garden for clues. (I don't know if they have to be found in order but we did it in this order)

封印石柱 Seal Stone (x211 y63)
蛇 Snake (x233 y36)
千年榆樹 Millennium Elm (x230 y41)
子母石 Mother and Son Stone (x226 y79 )
千年樺樹 Millennium Birch (x229 y86)
石碑 Stone (x224 y86)
巨大石 Huge Stone (x213 y86)
鬼風鈴 Ghost Campanula (x212 y90) (looks like purple flower)
怪怪的樹 Strange Tree (x165 y80)
羊 Sheep (x164 y65)
小蛟 Little Joe (x165 y38)
迷你姑姑蛋 Mini Kuku Egg (x175 y89)

Note: The Mini Kuku Egg is very small and may be hidden in the grass so you must zoom in to see him.

After you talk to the Mini Kuku Egg he will tell you to find the Seal Stone (x211 y63), the Sheep (x164 y65) and the Ghost Campanula (x212 y90)

Next go back and talk to Lady Jinghe (x188 y64) and she will give you a 雲吞球 wonton ball. (looks like blue crystal orb)

Part 2: Bigbeam

With the 雲吞球 in hand, you must collect/defeat the following in Big Beam:

20 Frost Ladybug (x475 y603)
20 Blazing Ivy Spirit (x418 y309)
20 Ginseng Ghoul (x215 y257)
10 Giant Man-Eating Marigold (x166 y438)
1 Divine Florence King (x174 y298) (this area boss takes 40 mins to respawn so you might want to team up to kill it, all members of party will receive.)

Once all is collected report back to Lady Jinghe (x188 y64) in the garden.

Part 3: Return to Residency Garden

She will give you a "蘊生造靈球". Next find the Millennium elm (x230 y41) When you speak to it a Lv30 Wisewood will be summoned. Kill the wisewood.
(Note: this part can glitch if in team. Try to solo kill the wisewood to avoid)
Next speak to the Snake (x233 y36) beside the Millennium Elm. The 蘊生造靈球 should be taken away from your inventory.

Next, go back to the Mother and Son Stone (x226 y79). You will acquire a pill (懺金丸). Go back to the snake and talk to it again. It will ask you to speak to Lady Jinghe (x188 y64) again. She will ask you to take half of the pill to the Sheep (x164 y65). After giving the half pill to the sheep, return to Lady Jinghe.

She will ask you to take the other half of the pill to Little Joe (x165 y38). After a conversation he will give you a 三生鐵. (I am a little foggy on this part but I think this is what happened) This heavenly iron will require you to travel to 3 different locations to power it up (so he can magically mold it into a key or something).

Part 4: Powering up the 三生鐵

When you use the 三生鐵, it will tell you which map you need to go to to. The first map you need to visit is East Sea Plains. The idea is that when you use the item, it tells you if you are close to the origin point you need to visit to power up the 三生鐵, and it's kind of like a game of hot and cold. But since this is a guide, you can just go straight to the coordinates if you want to skip the hunt.

So, go to East Sea Plains x367 y286 and use the 三生鐵. If it doesn't work then move around a little in that immediate area.
After that, you need to go to Copperhorn Mountain. The location you need to visit and use the item here is x516 y409.
Lastly, visit Giantwood Forest and go to x305 y480 and use the item there.

You should have powered up the iron now, so return to Bigbeam City's Residency Garden and speak to Little Joe (x165 y38) again. After two conversations with him, you will have to 'protect' him (I don't think he can be attacked) from a single mob that spawns to attack while he is making the key from the iron. This is not instanced and it will happen right then and there. After defeating the mechanical mob, speak to him one more time to receive the key.

Finally, with the key in hand speak to Lady Jinghe one last time and you will gain access to the Bigbeam City Dungeon.
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