Mid-Autumn Festival Quests (ended)

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Mid-Autumn Festival Quests (ended)

Post by Leirosa »

Update: Added 麻糬大兔's Mid-Autumn Festival Quest. I believe this is new this year.
Update: added a quest I missed last year. This new addition is from a Chinese guide and embellished with my own info.

麻糬大兔's Mid-Autumn Festival Quest
Starts at: 麻糬大兔 (x267 y250) in Eversun City, at Player Community Level 1
He asks you for all of the following, claming to have been kicked out by Chang'E because he ruined some mooncakes and needing to make it up to her or something:
柚子月餅 Grapefruit Moon Cake x15 (Source: Moon Rabbit's Quests, see below)
麻糬月餅 Rice Moon Cake x15 (Source: Moon Rabbit's Quests, see below)
中秋月餅 Mid-Autumn Moon Cake x5 (Source: Xiaolan the Maid's Quest, aka Lynn's Quest)
月亮餅乾 Moon Biscuit x1 (Source: 騎士蘇法蘭斯's Quest aka Sufarlans' Quest, see below)

Reward: After you bring all of this food to him, he eats it all, you freak out and recognize him for the cheating rabbit he really is- Harry Hare- and he gives you a 麻糬大兔傳家寶盒 Harry Hare's Family Heirloom Box (printed on the box: Made in Collington).
Achievement: 狡兔有三窟 Three burrows a cunning rabbit

When you open the box, you have a chance to get a 麻糬大兔禮盒 Harry Hare Gift Box, which is a permanent vanity pet. You also get a system announcement and another achievement (麻糬大兔 - Harry Hare) when you obtain this from the heirloom box. However, you are able to get worse results: you might get 100 of bolts, scrolls, frogs or arrows instead of the vanity pet box (you also get an achievement - 雷很大 Big thunder - for getting the bad result). Thanks to Dolphy and Zaf for providing info on the bad results.

Quest is repeatable.

Xiaolan the Maid's Mid-Autumn Festival Quest (Lynn's Quest) (Source)
Starts at: 丫鬟小嵐 (Lynn) (x394 y736) in Eversun North, near the Darts event NPC
- Kill Naughty Little White Rabbits in Eversun North for 高筋麵粉 Gluten Flour and Naughty Little Red Rabbits in Eversun South for 豆沙餡 Bean Paste. You need to collect 20 of each and return to her with the mooncake materials.
- These rabbits spawn in all sorts of places on their respective maps, but they can be very spread out and have very long respawn times. You may have to really search around to find them if somebody else has just done the quest themselves.

Reward: 3~6 中秋月餅 Mid-Autumn Moon Cake (Restores 500 HP, 2 minute CD, separate CD from other healing items, tradeable)
Achievement: 月圓人團圓 (Family Reunion)
Quest is repeatable.

Reposted from the original, written last year. These were based on original research. All of these quests now give achievements, as well.

騎士蘇法蘭斯's Quest (Trial of The Moon Goddess - Sufarlans' Quest)

1. Quest starts at an NPC in Eversun named 騎士蘇法蘭斯 (Sufarlans) at x:178 y:200.
2. Go to Eversun North fishing spot, on the bridge, and talk to Sufarlans at x:548 y:499.
3. He sends you to Darkdale to buy an Instant Sticky Agent to be used as a fishing lure. The NPC (Adhesive Merchant Gage) is near the bank at x:352 y:254 and looks like a Recycling Brother.
4. Return to Sufarlans at the Eversun North fishing spot (x:548 y:499) with the Instant Sticky Agent.
5. He gives you a Moon Biscuit 月亮餅乾 and some xp (your level x100) and sends you to Copperhorn.
6. In Copperhorn, Sufarlans is near the Guild Castle at x:281 y233. Talk to him and he sends you to Collington.
7. In Collington, talk to a Male Sylph NPC (Insect Merchant Hargus) near the pet store at x:357 y:355, who will give you a Giant Insect Net.
8. Take the net back to Sufarlans in Copperhorn. He gives you another 月亮餅乾 Moon Biscuit and some xp (your level x100) and sends you to Swan Lake Basin.
9. Find Sufarlans in Swan Lake Basin at x:301 y:391. This time he sends you to Eversun City
10. Talk to a Female Shura NPC (Femin) outside the dojo at x:163 y:188. Obtain a Dancing Book.
11. Go back to Swan Lake and give him the book. He gives you a third 月亮餅乾 Moon Biscuit and some xp (your level x100). Next he sends you to Eversun South.
12. Find him at Pandora's Platform at x:385 y:284. He sends you off to Blakatoa.
13. Find the Merchant NPC (Candy Master Elder Greg) in Blakatoa, in Charleston Manor at x:184 y:407. Obtain an Moon Gift Box.
14. Take the Moon Gift Box he gives you back to Surfarlans at Pandora's Platform to get your reward.

Reward: 30-Day Rabbit on your Head I (NT, begins counting down immediately) and some xp (your level x1000).
Achievement: Trial of the Moon Goddess
Note: I am told that this reward was changed this year to the following:
7-Day Pink Rabbit on your Head (NT, doesn't begin counting down until used) and some xp (your level x1000).
This quest cannot be repeated.

Collington - Moon Rabbit (@ Player community level 2)

Make Moon Cake
He asks for 10 Flour and 5 Sugar.
Reward: 5 月餅 Moon Cake (NT).
Achievement: Rounded Moon Cake
Moon Cake Effect = Restores 500 HP.
Quest is repeatable

Make Grapefruit Moon Cake
He asks for 10 Moon Cake and 5 Grapefruit.
To obtain Grapefruit, visit 卡偷斯 Carlance in Giantwood Forest (x:303 y:400) at the pavilion near the b-cup fox. He asks you to give him 10 Bananas in trade for some Grapefruit. The amount given seems to be random (I got 3 the first time and 5 the second time)
Reward: 15 柚子月餅 Grapefruit Moon Cake (NT).
Achievement: Grapefruit Moon Cake
Grapefruit Moon Cake Effect = Restores 100 MP.
So you need 20 Flour, 10 Sugar and 10 or 20 Bananas to make 15 of these.
Quest is repeatable.

Make Rice Moon Cake
He asks for 10 Moon Cake and 5 Rice Cake.
Visit 麻糬連人 Master Mochi in Grassgreen Square (x:271 y:392). She asks you to give 10 Puffin Pollen in exchange for 3~5 Rice Cake.
Reward: 15 麻糬月餅 Rice Moon Cake (NT).
Achievement: Rice Moon Cake
Rice Moon Cake Effect = +300 mp for 10 minutes
So you need 20 Flour, 10 Sugar and 10 or 20 Puffin Pollen to make 15 of these.
Quest is repeatable.

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Re: Mid-Autumn Festival Quests

Post by Dolphy »

Leirosa wrote: One bad result that Zaf told me about was getting 100 Arrows from the box after handing in the quest a second time. I am not sure if this can happen the first time or if it only happens on repeat hand-ins.
u can get scrolls, arrows, bolts, frogs. its possible to get this reward for the first time. someone actually did this quest 6 times to get the van pet. and it seems like there are two achievements for this.

雷很大 - for getting scrolls, arrows, bolts or frogs
麻糬大兔 - for getting van pet

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Re: Mid-Autumn Festival Quests (Open until Oct 1)

Post by Leirosa »

This event is active again; I believe it is the same as last year.

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