Helloooo everyone!

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Helloooo everyone!

Post by aerliyana »

Hi! So since there isn't an introductions thread, I'll start one! I'm Aerlith, although I also go by Kay because of my Onyx IGN (Kayou). I started playing IC DOMO in July, but I played on NA DOMO for about four years before it closed down. Favorite classes... hmm.. doctor, musician, wizard, shaman, hunter, thief! I like blademaster and witch doctor a lot, too. I don't do AOE parties a lot (prefer casual parties), although I love supporting. >w< Can't wait until I get to DDen/Babel level again!

Some of my guildies and I remade our guild, Prophecy. We are pretty quiet, usually hang out in team and autoloot each other. Most of my classes are in their high 20s or 30s now, so if you ever want to train, drop me a note~ Or just to chat. :D I'm good at talking to people if they IM me first, but usually not otherwise, since I'm like uhh... ^^'' now what to say.. after the initial greeting. Yeaaah..

Oh. And I afg allll the time. <__< 'cause I like to work on random projects.

So who is everyone else here? :D
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Re: Helloooo everyone!

Post by Leirosa »

Hi, I'm Leirosa. Ingame on IC DOMO I go by the name MiaoCuihua; on Aeria I was Lanniang (on Sapphire). I started actively playing IC DOMO about a month before Aeria shutdown, and founded the guild Legacy, but this guild was pretty much down to 5 actives or less by September of 2012 and is basically dead now (I have switched guild since then). I was very inactive for about 7 months from December to June 2012, but started playing actively again in July or so and went on a leveling spree. :)

My favourite classes are casters, such as Wizard and Shaman, which is fed into by my slightly unhealthy love of robes and sylph sleeeeeves, but I also enjoy playing some physical classes now and then. I usually prefer to solo, or duo (if I find a good partner), and like to take a lot of breaks, so I am not really into aoe parties or other types of 'full parties' or full support. My favourite physical classes are probably Thief and Martial Artist (though atm I haven't even leveled my Martial Artist past 10 on this server lol). I never want to have to muse so I keep my muse as low as possible and totally snub that job. :lol:

I enjoy leveling alchemy, and am always on the lookout for value-priced recipes that I am missing~

I am pretty shy and not really good with starting conversations, so I don't usually talk to people I don't really know well, but don't take it as being intentionally aloof. If you need anything feel free to whisper me and if I am around I will try to get back to you. :) I can usually be found by the mailbox in Collington if I am not actively doing something or collecting (I sometimes refer to myself as the Mailbox Taoist).

Looking forward to seeing intros from others :D
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Re: Helloooo everyone!

Post by Dolphy »


Well, since I'm waiting for the time to pass to complete my quest in game, I figured I should vandalize the wall here.

I am XiaoDolphy from Onyx, most of you might not know me since I quit the game in Jun 2010, and only returned one month before the closure. >.< I joined IC DoMo in mid June 2012, and has been actively 'slacking' ever since. I don't really like leveling. That is also why I join a lot of AOE parties to force myself to level.

I like support classes the most, especially Doctor. Currently I am trying to get my muse up, and it is going to take foooooreveeeer~ Most of the time I am either 1) farming, 2) questing, 3) checking out the Chinese forum for interesting updates, 4) catching botters... Yes, I hate botters to the core! I was sent to jail twice while farming on pet because of them. :evil:

I was once active in the English community, helping to translate here and there. But since most of the players stopped playing now, I ended up hanging out with the Chinese community. It is also partially because my CP is a chinese, and I got to know some of her friends. No, I am not hostile, I am just bad at starting a convo, so I chose to keep quiet. But yeah, feel free to poke me when you see me. :p

/spotted Miao in Collington, beside the mailbox again.
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Re: Helloooo everyone!

Post by YukiMakoto »

Hi, I recently started to play DoMo again, and by wandering on the abyss of what was related to this game I ended up here.

I started playing DoMo in 2007, at this time, in europe, we had a version hosted by gametribe (I'm form france), I played pretty much a lot, and was lvl 40+ (so as my dear love pet), this was pretty good for our server, since the cap lvl was 50, and we did not get the 3rd evo for pet, nor the SE. But one day, gametribe died due to lack of money, and so our beloved characters.

In 2009, I started playing it again on aeria games, but, as every body know, the adventure reach an end too.

This game was and is, one of my favorite mmo, so I decided to play on the chinese version.

In game, I'm a sprite called genis (I kept this nick from the begining for nostalgia), for the moment I'm leveling my dancer, but this is not a fixed choice.

I'm a little lost, I would like to find other english speaking people for feeling less lonely, and I would appreciate to learn more about the economy of this server.

Well, see you soon
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Re: Helloooo everyone!

Post by Gonzaemon »

Hello,i used to play on european server (gametribe,pupu server) and on aeria(onyx) once it closed and i'm back today on IC server (IGN:Gonzaemon)feel free to add me .
first tthing i can say : pet are overpriced ! between 1 and 3 million ? why are they so expensive ?
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