Raid Doctor Guide

Classic guides relating to Jobs, many of these are from the TWDomo forums. Please note that these guides are extremely old, and may not be relevant to the current game. They are preserved here for archival purposes.
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Raid Doctor Guide

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This was originally written for my guild forums. Hope it can be of use to English-speaking players on IC DOMO now, too. c:
Raid Doctor Guide

This is a guide for docs in raids. It also works in end-game leveling if you're supporting someone (although I will mostly be referring to raids in my discussion). Most of this is based off of my own experiences. o.ob This guide will also be based off of a level 63 doctor, unspringed, as this is when you will receive level 11 prolong life. There are also people who have more emphasis on Croakus, but as I have never tried it before, I won't be able to say as much about it.

Stat Build
Skill Build
Helpful Subs
Helpful Passives

Stat Build

This was my build on NA. Pros are high heals, more mp. Cons are longer cooldowns and slower cast times, which can be risky if things start to fall apart. My level 70 doctor can heal at most about 6.9k with a dg plat syringe. Average Greater Healing is probably about 6.2-6.4k, First Aid is about 5k.

2 WIS 1 AGI until 58 AGI, then rest into WIS.
This is the more common build from what I've heard. Pros are faster cooldowns and cast times, which can be crucial near the end of the raid. However, the heals are not as high (Greater Healing about 4~4.5k), so you may need to put points into Hand of Healing to balance it out. The 58 AGI has to do with cast time being reduced.

103 AGI, rest into WIS
Pros are fast cooldowns, fast cast times, nice evasion. Cons are low mp and lower heals, although since you have fast cooldowns and cast times, you should be able to heal someone back to full health very quickly. Just be careful of your MP, since if your team runs into trouble, you could end up spamming skills, which will drain your MP.

As an extra note, TW players have different numbers for their stats. 34AGI -> 10% reduced cooldowns, 68AGI -> 20% reduced cooldowns, and 103AGI is the same with 30% reduced cooldowns.

Key Skills
  • Level 10 First Aid - 18 skill points.
  • Level 10 Greater Healing - 20 skill points.
  • Level 11 Regeneration - 25 skill points.
  • Level 7 Inner Magic - 14 skill points.
  • Level 11 Frog Forcefield - 25 skill points.
  • Level 11 Prolong Life - 25 skill points.
  • Level 5 Yang Frog - 10 skill points.
  • Level 4 Mega Magic Boost - 8 skill points.
This adds up to a total of 150 skill points at Level 63. Unspringed (but including life quest springs), you will have 174 skill points. This means you will have 24 extra skill points. I will now do a brief analysis of why you need each skill.
  • Level 10 First Aid - self-explanatory. You need to be able to heal people. No heals = dead team. Frog Legs Soup is good, but usually not enough because of its longer cast time. This skill has a cooldown of 4 seconds and costs 32 MP.
  • Level 10 Greater Healing - Same as First Aid. Has a higher heal and is an aoe. Huge range, too, so helps if tank also needs heal. Most likely this will be your main MP sapper. It has a cooldown of 8 seconds and costs 86 MP.
  • Level 11 Regeneration - Get it. Get it. Don't even think about not getting this. D< This is key to keeping the dps tanking the boss alive. without constantly having to cast First Aid or Greater Healing, therefore draining your MP.The tank him/herself will usually have Regen11 subbed. This buff costs 58 MP, has a cooldown of 30 seconds, heals 5% overall HP every tick for 30 seconds, and is overall awesome, if that hasn't been emphasized enough.
  • Level 7 Inner Magic - I actually maxed out this skill, but this is my personal preference. If you can keep your mp up with level 7, then feel free to keep it at that level, since doc points are scarce enough already. As stated previously, your main MP sapper will be Greater Healing and the AOE buffs, but with a good muse, you should be able to keep your MP up. If the raid goes badly, even with max Inner and an awesome muse, you'll still be losing more MP than you can regenerate. Also note that you need at least Level 6 Inner to get Level 11 Regeneration. Level 7 will give you 22 MP per tick and costs 220 MP, with a cooldown of 60 seconds. Level 10 will cost 330 MP, but gives back 33 MP per tick.
  • Level 11 Frog Forcefield - The defense given here is superior to Level 10, and it lets you cover everyone in range at once. Handy. Saves time in buffing, which means you have more time to concentrate on keeping HP up. This buff costs 78 MP, 10 frogs, has a cooldown of 5 seconds, and will give DEF 20 + 15% for 10 minutes.
  • Level 5 Yang Frog - The level you need for Level 11 Frog Forcefield. Also useful against magic mobs. This buff costs 14 MP, 1 frog, has a cooldown of 5 seconds, and M.DEF 19 + 9% for 375 seconds.
  • Level 11 Prolong Life - While the HP increase here is minuscule, it saves time on buffing, thus allowing you to concentrate more on heals. This buff costs 183 MP, 10 frogs, has a cooldown of 5 seconds, and will give Max HP 50% + 450 for 10 minutes.
  • Level 4 Mega Magic Boost - The requirement for Level 11 Prolong. This buff costs 16 MP, 1 frog, has a cooldown of 5 seconds, and Max MP 16% + 110 for 7 minutes.
From here, you can build your skills however you want, especially as you level up. :D Below are some helpful skills listed in no particular order. I will put a * next to highly useful skills.

Helpful Skills
  • Level 5 Born Again - 10 points
  • Level 1 Ultimate Healing - 2 points.
  • Level 2 or 3 Detox - 5 or 10 points respectively. *
  • Level 10 Frog Legs Soup - 20 points.
  • Level 10 Fantastic Frog Legs Soup - 20 points. *
  • Level 10 Yang Frog - 20 points.
  • Level 10 Mega Magic Boost - 20 points.
  • Level 6 Soup of Self-Preservation - 12 points.
  • Level 1 Mega Medicine - 2 points.
  • Level 4 Hand of Healing - 8 points. *
These are skills that you can get as you level up your doc or use with the extra 20 points at Level 63. Don't need to have them at the level they are listed at and feel free to vary it up!
  • Level 5 Born Again - Main reason why I'm listing this at Level 5 is for Ultimate Healing. Since it is harder to get rez plates and scapegoats on IC DOMO, a higher Born Again = more hp/mp for the rezzed player = less likely they will instantly die again! If you don't plan on getting Ulti, Level 1 would suffice if you are short on points. Just keep in mind that if you do not have rez that you at least have tears or plates, so if someone dies and they lack them themselves, the team won't be short a person for the rest of the raid (as they will have to run through the lair to get back into the boss room).
  • Level 1 Ultimate Healing - Handy in a pinch. It may be the difference between someone losing all their buffs or keeping their buffs. This means the dps overall will be better or the tank has a better chance of surviving, since they won't lose their buffs. Not a must, but it does help out occasionally. I prefer this one to Mega Magic as Born Again is more useful than Soup of Self-Preservation. Cooldown is 5 minutes and costs 100 MP. If I remember correctly, Level 1 heals 13k with full wis / DG syringe. Level 10 heals over 20k with the same stats/equipment (but I could be wrong, since it's been a while). You do not have to aim this AOE heal, unlike Greater Healing or Fantastic Frog Legs Soup.
  • Level 2 or 3 Detox - Detox is crucial in three raids: Crossbone, Widow, and Jimmy. You need Level 3 detox for sure in Widow, but Level 2 will suffice for the other two. Keep in mind that if you get Level 3 Detox, people who use Blood Boil will not be able to cover it, so be very careful when you decide to cast it, as it is an AOE. I would snag at least Level 2, but not necessarily Level 3 since very few people need to do Widow for unlock (due to the Malachite title also unlocking Level 68). Level 1 Detox has a cooldown of 10 seconds, but Level 2 and 3 are both 5 seconds. Level 2 costs 30 MP and lasts 6 minutes. Level 3 costs 100 MP and lasts for 10 minutes.
  • Level 10 Frog Legs Soup - Another heal never hurt anyone except the skill points! I would put this at a lower priority, since usually First Aid, Greater Healing, and Regeneration 11 are enough. This skill has a 15 second cooldown and costs 1 frog, but the cast is almost instantaneous.
  • Level 10 Fantastic Frog Legs Soup - I've heard this is almost as good as Ultimate Healing and its cooldown is a lot less, too. I'd love to test it out sometime, but xD; not enough skill points. I've had some guildies in the past use it though, and it was amazing, so I would highly recommend this skill if you have spare points. I would definitely get this over Ultimate Healing because of its lower cooldown. It costs 2 frogs, has a 30 second cooldown, and cast time is also almost instantaneous. This means it could be another option for a skill to use in a pinch. You wouldn't need to level Frog Legs to 10, too, thus saving you some points.
  • Level 10 Yang Frog - Helps out with Jimmy raid the most, as near the end, magic mobs will aoe. Also helps out with Garnet. Note that it may also be useful for instances (Demon Tower, TGT) and future raids, so it may be worth leveling up. Level 10 will provide a buff of M.DEF 24 + 14%, has a cooldown of 5 seconds, and costs 1 frog.
  • Level 10 Mega Magic Boost - More mp = more skill spam. :D You want to be able to help with mp as much as possible if you have a lot of skillspammers, since they will go through mp very. Very. Fast, even with an awesome musician. At level 10, this buff costs 50 MP, 1 frog, has a cooldown of 5 seconds, and gives Max MP 50% + 200 for 10 minutes.
  • Level 6 Soup of Self-Preservation - To get Mega Magic. Basically it. Decent magic defense debuff if you plan on soloing, although it'd be bad for PHYS dpsers. Costs 1 frog, has a cooldown of 15 seconds, and costs 10 MP.
  • Level 1 Mega Medicine - Invincibility. Yay. More potent than Ultimate Healing, since Level 1 lasts 25 seconds, but its cooldown is also.. way worse and not affected by AGI. Twenty minutes. <.< Anyway, if you get this, don't get Ultimate Healing or if you get Ultimate Healing, don't get this. Pros to this are it'll save the tank in a pinch, cons to this are that it only covers one person instead of a huge AOE, so if the entire team's in a pinch, it'll only save one person, thus unable to prevent a wipeout. The interesting thing about this skill is that every odd level will be a longer buff + cooldown while every even level is a shorter buff, but shorter cooldown. Also from Tang (an old guildie from Euro DOMO), if you use the two heists to heal, the person with Mega Medicine on will not be affected, as the skills still count as attacks.
  • Level 4 Hand of Healing - This skill will help out with docs who have AGI in their build. Wouldn't suggest it for pure WIS builds however. It will increase heals by 2% per level.
Other Doctor Skills
  • Health Heist
  • Heavy Health Heist
  • Purify
  • Frog Force
  • Yin Frog
  • Equip Syringe
  • Medical Mastery
These are the other doctor skills that most likely won't be used in a raid. They are more solo skills, so.. don't absolutely have to have them.
  • Health Heist - Attack skill that will also heal. Cooldown of 10 seconds.
  • Heavy Health Heist - Attack skill that will also do an AOE heal. Cooldown of 20 seconds. Decent for solo doc, but not very effective for raid.
  • Purify - Removes all buffs from target. More of a PVP skill. At least on IC, you cannot use it on your teammates to remove their buffs.
  • Frog Force - Attack buff. At level 11, it will give an attack boost of ATK 25 + 15% for ten minutes and is an AOE.
  • Yin Frog - For magic users. Since the majority of DPSers now tend to be physical, Yin is no longer as important as it was in the AOE times. If you have the spare points, this is a great skill. However, most end-game caster DPSes will usually have Yin.
  • Equip Syringe - Get this only if you plan on equipping Doctor to other classes. Otherwise, it's a waste of 15 points.
  • Medical Mastery - I would only plan on getting this if you wanted to increase the physical damage for your syringe on other jobs, but there are a lot of better weapons you could equip instead. This skill does not help with healing. Don't get it.
Helpful Subs
  • Musician - Musical Magic
  • Dancer - Different Dances
  • Shaman - Nature Magic
  • Mercenary - Spear Attacks
These are the more common subs. As you can have two, you can also sub a speed skill for another sub if you want, since it will help with getting through the beginning of the raid. There are other subs that can be useful, such as Thief's Close Combat, but I will be focusing on these four because they help you play more roles in the party. I do not advise attack subs because you want to save your MP for heals/buffs. Pet musician is also not a good idea because it can be difficult to keep an eye on both pet HP and your team's HP at critical times, and you risk sacrificing one for the other.
  • Musician - Musical Magic - If you plan on subbing this skill, be careful about it. You don't want to accidentally fuse the same person at the same time or play the same songs at the same time. You also don't want to be playing a song right when a boss AOEs, because there will be a delay in your heals. I usually only play short songs if I see the musician is in the middle of a long song and a short song (like Concentration or Ditty) is needed. Good idea to communicate with your musician so they don't play the same song right after. Also handy to have an extra fuse if you have a lot of skillspammers in your team. You will need Equip Instrument for this.
  • Dancer - Different Dances - Handy all-around. Debuffs for the boss, MP regeneration for a DPS, HP regeneration for the DPS tanking the boss. You'll just need to debuff every so often, as the boss has a tendency to shake off the debuffs. Keep in mind that you will need Equip Fan if your debuffs are Level 6 or higher. Debuffs are usually better for the doctor to cast instead of the musician because the musician needs to keep songs up.
  • Shaman - Nature Magic - This is more for the old-fashioned raids, where Choking Climber was used to stop monsters from chasing after the tank. Still useful if you are helping tank.
  • Mercenary - Spear Attacks - Forms for the team~ if the tank is in a separate team. You'll need Equip Spear.
Helpful Passives
  • Musician - Bardship
  • Dancer - Dancing Skills
  • Shaman - Yin Yang Master
  • Mercenary - Mercenary Skills
Below are some passives that can be helpful to a raid doctor.
  • Musician - Bardship - If you want to sub Musical Magic, you will need Bardship so you can equip your instrument. If you get Soul Music, that is also a very useful passive skill because it increases the amount of MP you can give with your fuse.
  • Dancer - Dancing Skills - Equip Fan! Which you will need for your Different Dances. Flirting Dances (Decrease DEF-ignoring damage by #%) is also pretty nice, especially at Babel. I don't think it will affect percentage-based attacks though, but I could be wrong. Dancing Skills will also let you equip dancewear if you prefer that over robes.
  • Shaman - Yin Yang Master - MP! MP~~~~ MP is awesome. Even though I prefer HP onyxes for my doctor so I don't have to worry about dying as easily, I love the Shaman passive because of how much MP Mega Magic can give you. More MP = better able to spam heals if your team gets into trouble!
  • Mercenary - Mercenary Skills - Equip Spear if you want forms, Equip Shield if you want extra DEF, Equip Heavy Armor if you want even more DEF! Yep. Pretty nice passive. Bronze Sinew, Iron Bone can be useful, too, but hopefully you aren't taking normal damage from mobs, unless you're running through the raid to the boss.
Equip Light Armor (from the Blademaster passive) is also useful, but I prefer robes or heavy armor since you can put in DEF onyxes without worrying too much about hurting your DPS classes. If you are able to sub Equip Heavy Armor, I would suggest that over Robes since M.ATK onyxes would be useful for your caster classes. It all depends on how you decide to build each of your jobs though.

  • Head - 20% HP onyx S1 S2
  • Body - 5% PHYS DEF onyx S1 S2
  • Pants - your choice
  • Gloves - your choice
  • Shoes - 23 EVA, 5 MEVA S1 S2
These are the onyxes that I would suggest. I will only be explaining Head, Body, and Shoes below.
  • Head - 20% HP onyx S1 S2 - HP can be more important than MP since a MP onyx won't increase your base MP regeneration, only your base MP. As long as you're not spamming skills, you don't really need more MP anyway because your musician should be able to keep up your MP, and the extra HP will help in raids overall (except Crossbone, where you'll need to take HP onyxes off).
  • Body - 5% PHYS DEF onyx S1 S2 - Most mobs are PHYS attacks. Very few are magic. Also, you will already have decent MDEF from your robes. I would stick to these two onyxes even if you're wearing dancewear because dancewear isn't really that much extra defense. Only exceptions would be if you equip LA or HA, where then I might swap one of the onyxes with MDEF. Even though, it's kind of eh, since it'd be better to stick an ATK onyx in LA.
  • Shoes - 23 EVA, 5 MEVA S1 S2 - Doesn't matter which one is S1 or S2. The MEVA will help with boss AOEs while the EVA will help with avoid PHYS attacks from mobs and boss. You could go full EVA or full MEVA if you want, too, really up to you. You don't want to leave shoes unslotted however. Get at least one in.

Raid doc depends a lot on timing. Skills and subs are helpful, and practice is important, but knowing the best moment to heal (or buff) is crucial. Learn to recognize when a boss is about to AOE so you can cast your heals immediately after. As you level up, you can also fiddle with your skills and increase them as you wish. You also need to be ready for sudden emergencies, so be quick on your feet. It's a good idea to know how much you can heal very well so you can adjust the levels of your heals. Sometimes you will not need to use Level 10 Greater Healing, and it can be a waste of MP (ex. Level 7 or 8 may be sufficient to fill everyone's HP bars after an AOE).

Also! Remember that even though you may sub helpful skills, your primary job is to buff and heal your teammates. Don't get distracted playing music or debuffing a boss right before an AOE because that could be fatal. Especially with Malachite, the Big Eye can AOE shortly after Malachite does, so healing quickly can mean the difference between a living or dead team.
Since I mostly interacted with members of my own guild, any additional input from other players would be lovely! :D
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