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Armor Modeling

Male Races - Missing Armor and Costumes

New Additions to the missing list are marked in bold. Costumes with unofficial English names are marked with parentheses.

Armor Sets

  • None Currently (There are Lv75 Armor Sets, but only the pants and gloves are available)


  • Blue Kimono(M)
  • Red Kimono(M)
  • Blue Dark Baroque
  • Blue Private School Uniform
  • Gold Private School Uniform
  • Unreleased Costumes/Anything else which is not listed or on the site

Incomplete Costumes

In addition to this list, not all costumes pictured on the site are 'complete', i.e. they might be missing headgear or backgear that go with them, or both. If you have a more complete set of a costume pictured here than the one currently available on the site, I would like to replace the existing one with an image of the full set. Also note that I do not myself have any of the pieces or body costumes listed below.

  • Freddy Costume (+Headgear) - Sylph, Human, Sprite
  • Peter Pan (+Hat, Wings) - Sylph, Human, Sprite
  • Sushi Chef (Missing Hat)